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Pub closureKeep our local Pubs alive: sign our petition!

Pubs are small Businesses and are a vital community asset.

A new 'Pub Cap ' should be adopted. This would limit increases in rates bills to 12.5% on Public Houses, restaurants, hotels and cafes. This 'cap' already applies in Scotland and we consider it should be extended to England and Wales.

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Even if you've already signed up to this campaign, you can use the printable signature sheet to collect more signatures from your friends and neighbours.

You could go door to door on your street or pass the sheet around at a local event. Good places to leave a few copies include shops, pubs, libraries, and post offices - but don't forget to collect them and send them back to us.

When complete, please return (as soon as possible) to: Tewkesbury Liberal Democrats, 17 Westover Court, Churchdown. GL3 2AA.