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Tewkesbury Constituency Liberal Democrats

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What have Lib Dems done for you on Tewkesbury Borough Council?

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Tewkesbury Liberal DemocratsLiberal Democrat councillors on Tewkesbury Borough Council have worked successfully with other councillors, both those from other political groups and independent councillors, to serve residents in our communities. We have been very active in committees and in smaller working groups, dealing with issues such as flooding, planning and standards in public life. We have raised residents' concerns, asked searching questions and scrutinised decisions of the Council, always acting in the best interests of our communities. We shall continue to act on your behalf, if elected on May 7th.

I have listed below just a few of our important actions:

  1. We have fought and will still fight to prevent building on the Green Belt. We did not support the JCS, as too many sites were earmarked for Green Belt and Greenfield sites

  2. We have been instrumental in raising recycling rates to the present excellent level of 56%, one of highest in County, gaining a high satisfaction rate on residents' surveys.

  3. We have worked for many years now with partners to improve and maintain flood alleviation measures in borough and will continue with our current action plan.

  4. We have been actively working 'on the ground', supporting both individuals and community groups, making sure that your voice counts.

  5. We have pressed for and will continue to press to get 20% or more of 'New Homes Bonus' (about £2.7m - next year) to go to those areas and communities which are impacted by large-scale housing development.

If you would like hard-working councillors who will act for you, raising your questions or concerns and speak-up for you, when needed, then please vote for Liberal Democrat councillors at the Borough Elections on May 7th. We will always put people before politics.

Sue Hillier-Richardson - Leader of the Lib Dem Group