Can you help our LD councillors by signing a petition?

March 24, 2020 9:46 PM

Bishop's Cleeve Liberal Democrat borough councillors Richard Stanley and Helen Munro are leading calls for the County Council to see sense, act in the best interests of residents, children and the environment and locate the required new primary school in Bishop's Cleeve adjacent to the new housing development. The proposal from the

LD Cllrs Munro and Stanley

Tory County Council is to locate it to the south of the village, on school playing fields, whereas the new houses are all to the north of the village. Parents will have to drive , adding to the existing congestion and pollution levels. Please take a few minutes to sign the petition to the county council. The Council's own policy says new schools should be sited within new developments and in the real world no parent is going to walk 2 miles to school, 2 miles home, 2 miles back to school to collect and 2 miles home, 5 days a week!

Please go on line and sign the petition to help stop this daft decision.

Thank you for reading this at a difficult time for us all.