Nigel Adcock welcomes Liberal Democrats win for road safety!

March 11, 2020 12:19 PM

Liberal Democrats secure win for road safety!

Thanks to the hard work of the Gloucestershire Liberal Democrat group on the County Council, an extra £50,000 has been secured for a Traffic Regulation Order fund designed to cut through the bureaucracy preventing vital road safety schemes,

Nigel Adcock Winchcombe and Woodmancote candidateNigel Adcock, Liberal Democrat candidate in the Winchcombe and Woodmancote byelection, said "I'm delighted that the Lib Dem group were able to win funding for road safety schemes across the county. We hear of near misses on our roads every day - it's critical we fund local priorities and cut through the red tape holding back schemes that can save lives."

Despite the obvious benefits to health, the environment, and road safety, the Conservative administration in Shire Hall refused to back Lib Dem calls for an additional £400,000 for local cycle networks; forcing cyclists to battle with cars for space on our pothole-littered highways and so putting more road users at risk.

"I'm disappointed that the Conservatives aren't matching our commitment to cycling, but I will continue to work with the Lib Dem group to push for the funding we need" Nigel added.