Liberal Democrat vote increases significantly in Tewkesbury: Thank You

December 18, 2019 6:42 PM
Tewkesbury Constituency GE result 2019

GE result Tewkesbury Constituency 2019

Thanks to all 13,318 voters who supported Alex Hegenbarth and the Liberal Democrats on 12 Dec: this was an impressive 4,008 votes increase since 2017, which represents a 43% increase in number of votes. In terms of share of the vote the Liberal Democrats increased by 8.27% whilst the Tories lost 1.56%, resulting in a 4.92% swing to us. Of course the Conservatives won the seat, but we gained ground and a clear second place which encourages us for the future here.

Nationally, whilst the headline results of numbers of MPs was disappointing compared with expectations at the start of the campaign, we did gain 1 million more votes than 2107 and the biggest vote share increase of any party at 4.2% compared with the Tories 1.2%. There were also 6 constituience which the Lib Dems failed to win by less than a 1000 votes ( including Cheltenham) and a whole string of 2nd places gaines, especially in the South and London. Our sister party in Northern Ireland ( the Alliance Party) gained a seat as well.