Conservative candidate fails to attend election hustings last night

December 4, 2019 6:40 PM

Tory empty chairTory Laurence Roberston did not attend the election hustings on 3rd Dec at St Michael's Parish ChurchBishop's Cleeve. The reaction to the empty chair was one of incredulity among the 200 or so people present.

Martin Griffiths acting Chair of Tewkesbury for Europe says 'I thought it showed extraordinary contempt that Lawrence Roberson didn't turn up to his own hustings. The other candidates debated with considerable passion while also demonstrating agreement on the importence of the fight against climate change and the dangers of brexit. It seems that Robertson or at least a Tory representative were unprepared to face scrutiny of their policies'.

Earlier in the campaign Mr Robertson had not been able to support the hustings planned at St Peter's Winchcombe.

Alex Hegenbarth, the Liberal Democrat candidate added : ' such a non-show is an affront to the democratic process and shows that the Alex at the Bishop's Cleeve hustingsConservatives just take the electorate, including their own supporters, for granted.'