Help us declare a climate emergency in Tewkesbury: sign the petition!

August 12, 2019 9:53 PM

Nationally, the support Lib Dem Climate Change Secretary Ed Davey gave to renewable energy projects while in government saw the UK go without the use of dirty coal power for the longest period in our history - a huge step forward that happened because the Liberal Democrats were in power.

Alex Hegenbarth, Parliamentary prospective candidate, adds

'Now, locally, the Liberal Democrat group on Tewkesbury Borough Council backed a cross-party call for a Climate Emergency to be declared across the Borough to help us tackle the environmental challenges ahead of us. Whilst the Conservative administration voted to kick the motion into the long grass rather than have an open debate on the subject, I hope to work with a range of environmental groups to see what projects we can bring to Gloucestershire, ranging from creating additional woodland and promoting biodiversity to more sustainable transport and electric vehicle infrastructure, and to keep up pressure on Tewkesbury Borough Council : see petition below.

With the impact of Climate Change becoming ever more acute, we can't be complacent. The Tory government tell us it's committed to the environment, but since taking office they've rolled back support for renewable energy, sold off the Green Investment Bank, cut support for electric vehicles and failed to properly invest in public transport.

It's time we drive forward positive changes on environmental policy - our constituency deserves better than a government that just pays lip-service to one of the biggest issues of our time.

We can deliver those changes and I hope everyone in the Tewkesbury constituency will vote for it by backing me in the next General Election.

People are crying out for a sensible, environmentally friendly, compassionate option at the next election. The Liberal Democrats are the right choice.

If you care about the environment as much as I do, please sign my petition calling on Tewkesbury Borough Council to declare a Climate Emergency' :