Winchcombe Lib Dems action on ATM

May 2, 2019 9:58 AM

I’m votingWinchcombe Lib Dems have won an assurance about preserving free cash withdrawals in the town following a supermarket take-over.

After numerous complaints by Winchcombe residents on social media about the ATM at Budgen's supermarket starting to charge for withdrawals, Colin Davison, Lib Dem candidate in the local elections, wrote on behalf of Winchcombe Lib Dems to the Midshires Co-op chief exec, as his society is due to take over Budgens and this would then be the only ATM in town.

Meanwhile the BBC reported this week:

Free-to-use cash machines have been disappearing at a rapid rate across the UK, according to a study by Which?

Nearly 1,700 machines started charging for withdrawals in the first three months of the year, with the majority starting to charge in March, according to the consumer lobby group.

Cardtronics, which runs most of those, and fellow provider NoteMachine are both likely to charge at more machines.

That could mean the country losing 13% of its free ATMs in only a few months.

However, in response to the Lib Dem approach, Kevin Brown, Midshires Group General Manager, explained that there may be a short-term pcontractual issue, but gave this assurance "it would certainly not be our long term policy to continue with a charging ATM."

Winchcombe Lib Dems will continue to press for the restoration of free cash withdrawals as soon as possible.