Is Tewkesbury Borough Council safe in Tory hands?

February 27, 2019 6:02 PM

Is the Council Safe in Tory Hands?

moneyIs the Council Safe in Tory Hands?

Austerity is anything but finished. The squeeze on local government is ongoing and severe. How Tewkesbury Borough has responded is worrying. The Tories, who have been in full control of the Council since 2007, have made a fetish of keeping council tax low, even going for six years in a row with no increase. It's not a popular tax, but the Borough's share is quite small and we need the services that the Council provides. Have you noticed how poor the waste collection service has been lately, for example?

If nothing is done, the Council's own forecast is an annual deficit in five years' time of around £3.5 million. Much of this is because they rely on short term income for long term spends. This is the New Homes Bonus, a government bribe to accept more and more housing. It is tapering off rapidly!

The Council has also gone from investing its own reserves in commercial property to generate rental income, to borrowing large sums of money - up to £29 million to boost the investments to over £40 million. With the known volatility of the property market, the scope for a massive loss is a clear and present danger.

Safe in Tory hands? Really? What do you think?