1,100 acres of Green Belt lost in Tewkesbury in a year!

October 20, 2018 6:10 PM

Green belt under attack

Tory dominated Tewkesbury Borough Council area has lost a staggering 1,100 acres of Green belt land for building development in the last year, despite opposition from the Liberal Democrats.This massive raid on the Green Belt has ranked it the 8th worst offender in the UK despite being a relatively small authority

More than 12,350 acres were cut from England's green belt by redrawing boundaries in the year to March 31, six times as much as in the previous year. ('The Times' 5th October 2018)

The Campaign to Protect Rural England (CPRE) said that the figures, published by the ministry of housing, contradicted the government's claim that it was protecting the green belt.

England's green belts, which cover almost four million acres, are meant to prevent cities from sprawling by forbidding development in all but "exceptional circumstances".Your local Lib Dem campaigners have always said NO to removing land from the Green belt using it for building, whether it be in the Severn Vale area, Swindon Village area or Bishop's Cleeve, Churchdown orBrockworth. This has often happened without improving the local infrastrucure such as roads.

Whilst the draft Local Plan for Tewkesbury Borough Council is generally better news for local people with only limited, and small new developments in our villages and none of this on green belt land, we need, however, to be vigilant as developers have a lot of power.

Your local Lib Dem activists will continue to oppose unsustainable development in the green belt and will campaign for more infrastructure, as we deserve, to support existing developments. Enough is Enough!