Alex Hegenbarth chosen as Liberal Democrat prospective parliamentary candidate for Tewkesbury Constituency

July 23, 2018 5:06 PM

Alex Hegenbarth has just been chosen by members of the Liberal Democrats in Tewkesbury Constituency as prospective parliamentary candidate.

Alex after his selection

Speaking after his selection at a meeting of members from all over the Consituency held in Bishops Cleeve, Alex said

"I'm really honoured to have been selected as Tewkesbury's Prospective Parliamentary Candidate and can't wait to get started turning the constituency Lib Dem, building upon past historic strengths.

The party has a great reputation for dedication and hard work, so I am keen to join them and get out there knocking on doors and finding out the issues that matter most to people in all parts of the varied Constituency that is Tewkesbury. We may have a hill to climb, but I look forward to working with the team on how we can become recognised as the only viable alternative to the Conservatives mismanagement of our county and our country, and become the voice of local residents."

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