Gloucestershire Lib Dems call on the Government to spend more on the Country's broken roads

May 4, 2018 6:25 PM

 Of £30 billion raised in vehicle tax and fuel duty only £10 billion is reinvested in the road network  Gloucestershire County Council is ranked 121st in a league table of 214 local authorities for filling potholes, compiled by charity Cycling UK1  The repair backlog is estimated at £80 million
Gloucestershire Liberal Democrats are bringing forward a motion calling on the UK Government to spend more on the country's road network. The motion, to be debated at the Council meeting on 16 May, highlights the group's concern that of £30 billion raised by vehicle tax and fuel duty each year, only £10 billion is reinvested in the UK's roads.
Cllr Joe Harris and pothole!The motion is being brought by Cllr. Joe Harris, who also calls on the County Council Leader, Cllr. Mark Hawthorne, to write to the Secretary of State for Transport and the county's six MPs outlining the county's position that more funding should be made available.
Cllr. Joe Harris (Cirencester Park) said: "Potholes and the state of the county's roads is the number one issue on the doorstep. Gloucestershire faces a huge challenge, with a backlog of road repairs totalling an estimated £80 million.
"To highlight this gap, we are calling for the council to support our motion and for the Conservative Council leader to ask his party colleagues in UK Government why the road network receives so little investment from vehicle tax and fuel duty and to request that a greater proportion of it is actually spent