Gloucestershire hospitals trust faces £11m deficit: Liberal Democrat response

September 20, 2016 5:32 PM

Statement from Cllr. Iain Dobie in response to 'Gloucestershire hospitals trust faces £11m deficit':

GCC Liberal Democrat Group Spokesperson on Health, Cllr. Iain Dobie (LD: Leckhampton and Warden Hill) said: Ian Dobie

"I am shocked that Deborah Lee, the new Chief Executive of the Gloucestershire Hospitals NHS Trust, is reporting this unexpected black hole in the finances of Cheltenham General and Gloucestershire Royal hospitals.

"On the face of it, there seems to have been a local failure of financial competence - not only by the relevant director but also by the governing board. Deborah Lee appeared before my Gloucestershire Health Scrutiny committee just a few days ago and said she was not taking over an NHS hospitals trust in crisis - and now we learn earlier projections about the financial position of our county's main hospitals have been wildly optimistic.

"Far from being well in the black, accounts are deeply in the red. The county's scrutiny committee must now be told what is going on and what is being done about it.

"Meanwhile, the Government cannot escape responsibility for presiding over a deepening financial crisis in our hospitals, which is leading to a steady decline in patient provision not only in Cheltenham and Gloucester but across our county."