COXIT has been abandoned amid Tory confusion

May 20, 2016 11:30 AM

Paul Hodgkinson

In commenting about yesterday's announcement, Liberal Democrat County Council Group Leader Cllr. Paul Hodgkinson said: "I'm very pleased that this mad idea for the Cotswolds to exit Gloucestershire County Council has been shelved. It had little support from residents and it has sadly wasted a lot of time and energy which should have been focused on delivering vital services.

"Now, it's important for everyone in the county to work together to fix the things which people want - better quality roads, better ambulance response times and keeping the local economy moving."

Cllr. Iain Dobie (Deputy Leader) also said: "I welcome this return to common sense. As Chair of the Gloucestershire health scrutiny committee I had concerns that the break-up of Gloucestershire would have risked a poorer service to the Cotswolds from new health and social care providers. I trust that now we can get back to work on the best possible devolution deal for the whole of our county."