Lib Dem proposals accepted for Glos County budget 2016/17

February 17, 2016 6:09 PM

Statement by Jeremy Hilton, Leader of the Liberal Democrat group:

Jeremy Hilton

"The government cut the core funding to Gloucestershire by £18 million. Despite the 3.99% Council Tax rise there will be no additional spending for Gloucestershire County Council. The revenue budget will be £420m next year as it this year. Liberal Democrats are pleased that we pushed the Tory administration into reversing the £2m cut in highway spending and that we have prevented cuts to adult social care. We are also pleased that a number of Lib Dem amendments we accepted as these will improve the budget for 2016/17"

Please note the following are Lib Dem Proposals that were accepted by council today and not Tory or UKIP proposals

  • Increasing Highways Local to £30k per member and £7,500 per member for additional road maintenance in their area, £400K taken from the £2.075million extra to be spent on roads.
  • £150k to invest in new cycling schemes from the Barriers to Cycling report
  • £100k investment to pay for a designated Traffic Regulation Order officer to speed up the processes
  • £50k to be match-funded with the district councils to look into air quality and pollution
  • £50k to continue the free visits for all five year olds at Skillzone
  • £25k investment into mental health support for children and young people
  • £20k into support to tackle Child Sexual Exploitation (CSE)
  • £5k to provide free residents parking for all Band A electric vehicles for the first permit only