Newspapers back Liberal Democrats as a force for good in British politics, and best for seats like Tewkesbury

May 5, 2015 8:40 PM

Newspapers from across the political divide are united in their belief Liberal Democrats have been a force for good in government, and suggest voting Lib Dem in constituencies like Tewkesbury.


The newspapers also acknowledge that in the inevitability of a hung parliament, the Liberal Democrats will anchor Britain in the centre ground and stop a lurch to the right or the left. In seats like Tewkesbury, where the Liberal Democrats are challenging there is clearly support for electing a Lib Dem MP.

Endorsements include

The FT: The country would benefit from Liberal Democrat "moderation" in Westminster" - in seats where the Lib Dems are challenging "we would vote tactically for them."

The Guardian: "...the next Commons would be enhanced by the presence of Lib Dem MPs." Vote for the Liberal Democrats in Tory-facing seats:

The Independent: Many of the Government's achievements are owed to the Liberal Democrats. The party has been "a force for progress". The Coalition deserves another chance.

The Times: The best hope for the country is for the Conservatives to team up with the Liberal Democrats again. Vote for Nick Clegg in Sheffield Hallam.

The Economist: The best hope for Britain is with a continuation of the Coalition.

The People: Lib Dems tempered Tory excess and delivered the last government's greatest success with a tax-free allowance worth £800.