Alistair Cameron criticises UKIP poster which scapegoats immigrants

April 20, 2015 8:29 PM

Alistair Cameron, Liberal Democrat Parliamentary Candidate for Tewkesbury constituency has criticised a UKIP sign displayed in Longford Lane, Longford which says: "fewer immigrants=fewer houses in flood risk areas! Vote UKIP." The sign is next to a new housing development in Longford Lane.

Alistair said: "I attended the Public Inquiry on the housing at Longford and spoke out against it because it was too near to an area of flood risk. However, it is not the fault of immigrants that the development was approved. The fault lies in our planning laws which are not strong enough to deter development near areas of flood risk. This is something I want to change if I am elected to Parliament.

It is wrong to blame immigrants for this building and to make them scapegoats.

UKIP should therefore take this sign down and fight a campaign based on issues such as the need for adequate flood defences and effective planning policies to prevent building in areas of flood risk."