Lib Dem Councillors oppose even more housing development in Bishop's Cleeve

March 7, 2015 6:14 PM

Bishop's Cleeve is already due for at least 230 more properties than it should have had, according to figures from the Tewkesbury Borough Plan, which is now out for public consultation. Officers have allocated housing numbers, for future development, to different villages, all over the borough, and these show that Bishop's Cleeve is already oversubscribed by 231.

Despite this, the Plan still contains another site for development in the village!

Local councillor Sue Hillier-Richardson told us, "I proposed, at the recent council meeting, that Bishop's Cleeve and Alderton, which is also over-subscribed, should be taken out of the Plan and, therefore, not an option for future housing sites. Unfortunately, my proposal was narrowly defeated, with, astonishingly, some local Tory councillors voting against it! And this, despite them telling residents last year that they would oppose further development"

Local Lib Dems believe that Bishop's Cleeve should not be in this Plan for other reasons too. Our village is already congested and our services stretched enormously and there are still around 1100 homes, which have planning permission, yet to be built. If left in, there will be no stopping developers, as we have seen already in Bishop's Cleeve.

We do understand the desperate need for affordable homes for our families and young people but we believe that these 1100 homes should be more than enough to accommodate our local need. In addition, we have always supported a 'local lettings policy', for local residents who apply for rented accommodation, and shall continue to do so.

Within the consultation, residents can also have a say on local planning policies, such as transport and accessibility, conservation areas and the surrounding landscape.

The Tewkesbury Borough Plan consultation runs from Friday, 27 February to 5pm on Monday, 13 April and residents can access it online at:

You can also attend a local consultation event where your questions will be answered in person by planning officers. The event in Cleeve is on:

Wednesday 11 March at Bishops Cleeve Parish Council Offices from 3pm to 7.30pm