One step closer to saving £160 million on European Parliament

November 20, 2013 4:14 PM

MEPs meeting in Strasbourg have voted overwhelmingly in favour of never going back to the French city ever again, and thus save £160m a year. But in a surprise move, UKIP MEPs failed to support the motion and abstained!

While Brussels is the main place of work for Euro-MPs, an international treaty requires the European Parliament to meet in Strasbourg for twelve sessions a year.

A fleet of lorries packed with paperwork and office equipment makes the journey every month as part of a move said to cost EU taxpayers more than €200 million each year.

MEPs voted in favour of the Parliament having a single seat for The EU Parliament, and for their demand to be included within treaty negotiations.

South West England and Gibraltar Lib Dem MEP Sir Graham Watson said, "Travelling to Strasbourg every month is bonkers when most of the EU's work gets done in Brussels. It is not only wasting public money, but the environmental costs are also astronomical.

"When MPs at Westminster criticise the waste of money involved I remind them that the House of Commons, along with other national parliaments, voted to ratify the treaty,which included the Strasbourg move.negotiated under the chairmanship of then Conservative UK Prime Minister John Major."