New EU rules to ensure fracking safety - Watson

October 11, 2013 10:56 AM

The European Parliament today insisted on tough safety standards for fracking across the UK and Europe. The controversial technique has been proposed for a site in Keynsham, near Bristol.

Euro-MPs voting in Strasbourg insisted that shale gas developers should carry out a full environmental impact assessment before any fracking takes place.

Lib Dem MEP Graham Watson , who represents South West England in the European Parliament, has today welcomed the inclusion of new rules on fracking in the EU's proposed Environmental Impact Assessments Directive. This means Environmental Impact Assessments would need to be completed by companies when fracking takes place at any point in the course of the exploratory or extraction processes.

Graham commented:

"Processes like 'fracking' are a concern to many people, especially when it could take place near their homes. The proposed updates to European legislation reflect greater use of these kind of techniques.

"Today's vote in the European Parliament is a step in the right direction. It should ensure that rigorous assessments are made regarding the environmental impact of any future fracking projects."