Many Gloucestershire roads need repair rather than just surface dressing

May 23, 2013 5:25 PM

Statement made by Liberal Democrat County Leader Cllr. Colin Hay:

" Whilst we welcome the announcement by the Tory led County Council that work will start next week on surface dressing our county roads, as we do recognise that this particular surface treatment to be the most economical way of sealing cracks and reducing the formation of potholes. Nevertheless much past damage still needs to be repaired. Pot hole

There is a back-log of roads in which surface dressing may not be appropriate. Those roads that have already deteriorated go beyond surface dressing and need actual repair.

Moreover, surface dressing is very much a weather sensitive process and hence works can be delayed by both wet, cold and very hot weather. It is therefore essential that such works are carried-out at the right time and drivers are made aware of the need to travel very slowly on the newly laid surface to prevent chippings being dislodged."