Gloucestershire County Council votes to oppose controversial badger cull

May 15, 2013 5:56 PM

Gloucestershire County Council has weighed into the debate about the government's controversial plans to cull badgers in an effort to tackle bovine TB in cattle. Badger

The Government is taking forward proposals for two pilot badger culls, including an area in Gloucestershire, to begin from the beginning of June.

The aim of the trial culls is to see if free running badgers can be shot at night safely, efficiently and humanely.

A motion at today's County Council calling for the government to seek alternative methods to tackle Bovine TB was approved by a majority vote.

The Council also agreed to write to the relevant government ministers to highlight concerns about the practicalities as well as the welfare implications of the proposed cull and to object to the cull taking place on council owned land.

Proposer of the motion Klara Sudbury (LD: Charlton Park & College) said: "I am delighted that on this occasion the County Council have recognised the strength of scientific opinion which says that the proposed pilot badgers' culls will not help tackle bovine TB in cattle. There is also huge public opinion against the planned trial culls as the support for Brian May's petition has shown.

"Whilst Bovine TB is a terrible disease, causing economic distress and financial hardship to farmers, the proposed cull is not the answer. The farmers are being asked to bear the cost of the cull but the government have acknowledged that it could end up costing them more than doing nothing."