Minister of State for Pensions visits Tewkesbury Lib Dem members

February 2, 2013 5:40 PM

Steve Webb Lib Dem MP and Minister for Pensions was guest of honour for Tewkesbury Constituency Liberal Democrats at their Annual Dinner held last week in Bishop's Cleeve.

Speaking about Liberal Democrat achievements in the Coalition Government, Steve gave a strong message about how Government policies had been modified or changed from what would otherwise have been the case in a Tory majority government.

In particular Steve emphasised the key achievements in the field of pensions as follows:

  • restoring the 'earnings link' with the basic state pension, broken by Mrs Thatcher back in 1980;
  • introducing a simple, single, decent state pension for people at work today so they can plan for their retirement more easily;
  • abolishing the age discrimination which used to allow people to be forced to retire at 65.

Members much appreciated the opportunity to talk to Steve and question him on various local and national issues.