Liberal Democrats Fight Against Mass Waste Incinerator Continues

November 12, 2012 8:33 PM

Liberal Democrat councillors have called for the precautionary principle to be applied in pausing the £500 million incinerator project at Javelin Park until results of the Health Protection Agency (HPA) study have been published.

Earlier this year, in response to escalating public and political pressure, the Health Protection Agency (HPA) announced a new investigation into the possible link between the emissions from Municipal Waste Incinerators (MWIs) and health outcomes, including: low birth weight, still births and infant deaths.

The study will also look at possible links between the emissions from incinerators and babies born with congenital anomalies such as cleft palate and spine bifida.

Liberal Democrat Councillor Ceri Jones (Bishop's Cleeve) proposing the call to pause the Javelin Park project said "Over and over again, we are told that the HPA's current position is that 'well run and regulated modern MWIs are not a significant risk to public health', but even their Chief Executive has conceded that 'it is not possible to rule out adverse health effects from modern, well regulated MWIs with complete certainty'.

"if councils like ours continue to plough ahead regardless before this critical study is concluded, I believe it shamefully reckless. The project should be paused so that the residents of Gloucestershire can see for themselves the results of this important work."

Commenting, Liberal Democrat Leader Councillor Jeremy Hilton said "News of the HPA study was welcomed by Gloucestershire County Council back in January.

"However, the Tory administration seems hell-bent on continuing to push ahead in constructing a mass burn facility before the preliminary results are even published.

"Any potential impacts to the those living close-by whether small or very small is still a risk. It is important that this council starts to be seen acting responsibly to all residents of this county."

The Liberal Democrats motion to full council pausing the incinerator project will be debated at 10am at Shire Hall on Wednesday 21st November.