Watson Welcomes Nobel Peace Prize Award to the European Union

October 13, 2012 5:05 PM

South West Euro-MP and President of the European Liberal Democrats Sir Graham Watson has commented on the awarding of the 2012 Nobel Peace Prize to the European Union.

"This award not only goes to the founding fathers who played their part in bringing Europe together -Churchill, Schuman, Monnet and others- but to every citizen within the European Union who has enjoyed the longest period of peace by overcoming old rivalries through trade and creating prosperity.

"The awarding of this prize to the citizens of Europe should be seen as an opportunity to remind ourselves of the reasons why we are a member of the European Union. To never see a return to the dark days of nationalism that led to the slaughter on the fields of Northern Europe and to the barbaric scenes of the holocaust. Peace and prosperity, these are the ideals that underpin the EU.

"Over 60 years of unbroken peace between the old tribes of Europe, that is an achievement more than worthy of the Nobel peace prize. And everyone in Britain should be proud because we have played our part in turning Europe from a continent of war and division into one of peace and unity.

"Some will question the timing of this award given the current levels of unemployment and economic uncertainty across Europe. But this award is not for the past 12 months but for the decades of stability. In a week where the Conservative party conference was baying for the blood of eurocrats in Brussels, the Nobel prize committee has reminded us appropriately of the fundamental achievements of the EU."