Urgent Need for 5,000 E-Petition Signatures to prevent badger cull

July 18, 2012 9:58 PM

BadgerAn e-petition prohibiting the culling of badgers on land owned, managed or controlled by Gloucestershire County Council has been set-up on the council's website by the Liberal Democrats.

Liberal Democrats across the county have condemned the High Court ruling that overturned The Badger Trust's recent challenge against the pilot badger culls from happening in both West Gloucestershire and West Somerset.

Back in January, the Liberal Democrat's on Gloucestershire County Council submitted a motion urging the coalition government to prioritise the badger bovine TB vaccine over any pilot badger cull.

A motion similar to the one adopted on Stroud District Council at the end of April has been submitted by Liberal Democrat councillors asking Tewkesbury Borough Council at their full council meeting on 31st July not to allow the culling of badgers on any land that they own, control or manage.

Liberal Democrat Leader Cllr. Jeremy Hilton said: Jeremy Hilton

"There is no evidence that this latest culling spree will achieve the desired effect of eradicating Bovine TB.

"Both the Welsh and Northern Ireland Governments have since rejected indiscriminate badger culling.

"In Wales the planned badger cull has now been replaced with a multi-million pound vaccination programme and our government should do the same.

"It is likely that the cull will start this September. We need 5,000 signatures by 20th August in order to get this issue debated at Gloucestershire County Council in the very month and in the very area that this cull will be taking place.

"If you live in Gloucestershire or just across the border, then, please copy the following link into your browser -


register as a new user and sign the e-petition that will help stop thousands of badgers being slaughtered on GCC land this Autumn."