New EU Caps on Using Your Mobile Phone Abroad Begin

June 29, 2012 9:15 PM

Mobile Phone

From Sunday, new price caps on texts, phonecalls and mobile internet use come into effect when travelling within the European Union.

The new rules mean that phone companies will not be allowed to charge more than 7p for a text, 23p a minute for a call and 56p for megabyte of data used when roaming.

Liberal Democrat MEP Sir Graham Watson commented:

"As well as being good news for holidaymakers about to jet off on their summer holidays, it is also very welcome news for the many businesses people who regularly travel to the continent to generate new trade.

"This is just a taste of the bread and butter benefits of being a Member of the European Union, in addition to being able to freely travel, work, live and receive basic healthcare. For too long telecom companies have got away with charging scandalous rates for texting and phoning whilst abroad. It was only right that MEPs and national governments recognised the need to curb excessive charges and bring costs into line with domestic use."