Anger at £92m backlog on road repairs

June 21, 2012 5:45 PM

Tewkesbury Liberal Democrats

Liberal Democrat Leader on Gloucestershire County Council, Cllr. Jeremy Hilton is angry with the Tory run council's failure to deal with the £92m backlog of highway repairs, when the council is hoarding £106m in its reserves account.

At full meeting of the county council Jeremy Hilton called on the council to release just 5% of the £106 million reserves (£5.3m) to boost spending on road repairs, but the Tories declined. This is despite comments made by the Tory Secretary of State, Eric Pickles who has criticised councils for stockpiling millions of pounds in reserve accounts.

Jeremy Hilton said: "An extra £5.3m from the reserves would have increased spending on road repairs from £15m to £20m this year and help to reduce the repairs backlog of £92m. It would improve road safety, keep construction engineers employed and maintain the order books of our suppliers. We should be investing in Gloucestershire not stashing money away in bloated reserve bank accounts."