Tories Reject Spending Spare Cash on Road Repairs

May 20, 2012 6:55 PM

Pot hole

Tories on Gloucestershire County Council voted down a Lib Dem plan to boost spending on road repairs by an extra £5.3m. The Liberal Democrats proposed using spare cash in the council's £106m reserves to invest in the county's highway network. However, the Tories decided to hoard the money instead and let the county's roads fall into further disrepair.

The Liberal Democrat road repair plan would have seen investment rise from £14.5m to £20m this year. The council's reserves (money on deposit) currently stand at a massive £106m, the equivalent to 27% of the council's ongoing revenue budget.

Liberal Democrat Leader Cllr. Jeremy Hilton said "The Tories are hoarding money whilst our roads fall apart. The number of potholes on Gloucestershire's roads is a disgrace and we should invest now in repairing our roads.

"The council has a bucket load of cash in its vaults - £106m to be precise. A small proportion of these reserves (5%) invested in the county's roads would make a big difference. Investing this spare cash now would save jobs, help suppliers and improve our roads."

Cllr. Bill Whelan also commenting (LD, Churchdown St John) said "Tories keep saying the money is for a raining day they need to wake up and see that it has been raining and it time to do a lot of the water damage repairs to roads and realise a good planned repair today is better than a quick splash and dash tomorrow.

"We can all name a road that is waiting to be fixed. Putting money into the county's highways goes some way to alleviating the problems that motorists experience daily."