County Lib Dem Investment Proposals Rejected by Tories

February 22, 2012 4:47 PM

A recorded vote was taken at full council today with all Conservative members voting to reject Liberal Democrat proposals to invest in Gloucestershire. The Liberal Democrat's proposed budget amendment would have seen a further £7.7million invested in Gloucestershire supporting the well being of those who live and work in the county.

The proposals revealed by the Liberal Democrats and rejected by the Tories included £2 million extra for road repairs, £1 million over the next two financial years to help keep existing libraries open. It also included £3m for infrastructure improvements and regeneration projects.

Also put forward by the Liberal Democrats and rejected by the Tory controlled council was an extra £600,000 on increasing Youth Grants to District Councils (£50,000 per district for two years).

Leader of the Liberal Democrats on Gloucestershire County Council Cllr. Jeremy Hilton said: "Our Jeremy Hiltonproposals were both responsible, affordable and imaginative. It is a great pity that the advice given by Eric Pickles to make use of council reserves has not been followed.

"It has nevertheless been a good day for the Liberal Democrats in that we forced the administration to accept a commitment to freeze the cost of community meals, freeze car parking charges and put extra into the Local Authority Mortgage Scheme. Proposals that were all a part of our amendment.

"It is disappointing however that the council continues to sit on £106million reserves. The Liberal Democrats on the council will be monitoring the levels of reserves over the coming months to see whether they will be used next year as an electorate sweetener prior to the county's elections."