Local LD Euro MEP Graham Watson Promotes ‘the one number that could save your life’

February 19, 2012 6:13 PM

Saturday 12th Feb saw the launch of 112 day, promoting the one number that anyone can use both here and abroad to contact the emergency services free of charge.

Promotion of the event is in light of a recent survey taken showing that only one in every four is aware that the number exists.

Liberal Democrat Euro-MP Sir Graham Watson has joined the campaign to raise the awareness of the 112 emergency number and commented,

''Whilst most holidays and trips abroad go without issue, when an emergency does arise, is everyone aware of what number to dial? 112 is the only free of charge number that can be used across the Europe to call for to any emergency service, be it Ambulance, Fire, Police, Mountain Rescue or Coastguard.

''Currently too few citizens are aware of the 112 emergency number. Yet it is the one number that could save your life!

''Everyone should also be aware that every mobile phone that is sold in the UK and abroad allows you to call 112 without unlocking your phone, allowing you to dial quickly if you are attacked or under duress. Similar functions are mandatory for touchscreen phones without dial pads as well.