Accurate Financial Information Needed for Gloucestershire students considering University

January 14, 2012 4:34 PM

A number of questions will be raised by County Councillor Mike Collins (LD, Brockworth) at full council this Wednesday regarding the new student finance scheme.

Councillor Mike Collins said: "concerns have been raised that a lack of accurate factual information regarding the new finance scheme has meant that some young people are deciding not to go to university. The decision whether or not to go to university is one of the biggest decisions that our young people and their families will make. It is therefore vital that this council should be doing all that it can to ensure that young people make their decision based on real facts and not listening to inaccurate horror stories that surround this new scheme. I would encourage this council to produce a leaflet containing the main facts about this new scheme, which could be made available at council offices, libraries, schools, colleges or any other suitable location."

For students who start university or college after 1st September 2012 (academic year 2012/2013) they will be on a new student finance scheme that will cover the cost of higher tuition fees.

The Liberal Democrat Group Leader Councillor Jeremy Hilton said: "students need to be told the truth, which is that they won't start repaying their loans until their earnings reach £21,000, up from the £15,000 threshold for today's graduates. In effect this could mean that 20% of graduates could pay less than they do now. It is only fair that the students who do go on to earn the highest incomes will make the largest contributions after they have graduated."

Questions will be put by Cllr Collins to the cabinet member at full council on Wednesday 18th January at 10am.