Against Incineration - In Favour of MBT: County Liberal Democrats

November 2, 2011 4:28 PM

Liberal Democrats across the county claim that Avonmouth's Mechanical Biological Treatment (MBT) facility is a viable, cost-effective and far better approach to waste disposal than a proposed mass burn incinerator.

The MBT plant in Avonmouth is run by New Earth Solutions. The company holds a nine year 120,800 tonnes per annum contact with the four authorities that comprise the West of England Partnership - Bath and North East Somerset, Bristol, North Somerset, South Gloucestershire.

Gloucestershire Liberal Democrats are proposing that the county follows the route taken by the West of England Partnership by using Mechanical Biological Treatment.

Liberal Democrat Councillor and environment spokesman Bill Crowther said "There are some serious questions the Conservatives run county council has not satisfactorily answered.

"For instance the level of capital investment into the Avonmouth's MBT facility, which included the land, buildings, fixed and mobile plant and development costs plus fees, totalled £25/26 million.

"Yet the cost of designing, developing and operating an 'Energy from Waste' incinerator at Javelin Park, is estimated will cost Gloucestershire Council Tax Payers between £456 million and £605 million over 25-30 years."

Liberal Democrats are also arguing that gate fees for New Earth's MBT facilities are cheaper, approximately £70-85 per tonne whereas the cost of incineration can be in excess of £100 per tonne.

Liberal Democrat Leader Councillor Jeremy Hilton said that "New Earth's MBT plant performs better than incineration in terms of cost to the taxpayer and the impact on climate change. It is a modern solution for a modern world. There is an alternative to incineration and the Tories should scrap their incinerator project - today. "

Alistair Cameron, Liberal Democrat Parliamentary Spokesman, and Bishops Cleeve County Councillor, Ceri Jones are also very concerned that the toxic fly ash from the incinerator may be dumped at the Wingmoor Farm hazardous waste site near Bishops Cleeve