Alistair Cameron condemns proposed planning rules as leading to uncontrolled development

October 6, 2011 5:35 PM

Alistair Cameron, Liberal Democrat Parliamentary Spokesman for Tewkesbury has condemned the draft National Planning Policy Framework which he believes in its current form could lead to "uncontrolled development in many areas of the country."

Alistair added: "This is likely to result in serious and irreparable damage to our countryside and to developments which we may well regret in years to come."

Councils are already required to have a 5 year supply housing land. However, the draft Framework requires this supply to be increased by a further 20%. It also contains a presumption in favour of development unless Councils have an up to date Local Plan. This is likely to lead to unconstrained development. Alistair is also concerned that:

  • The Framework places no requirement to redevelop land which has already been built on (brown land) before building on green fields. There are disused parts of our town and city centres as well as former industrial sites which we should be building on first of all in order to regenerate these areas.
  • The Framework fails to take sufficient account of flood risk. There are some areas of land which we cannot build on because there is too great a flood risk. There are also serious concerns about how effective flood drainage measures can be and whether they are properly maintained in the long term.
  • The Framework fails to provide sufficient protection for agricultural land. We need to safeguard our agricultural land so that we can produce more food locally rather than having to import it which is costly and damaging to the environment.

Alistair has written to the Department for Communities and Local Government expressing his opposition to the draft Framework.

Additional Information

The Department for Communities and Local Government are currently consulting on the draft Framework. The consultation closes on 17th October.

Further information

Please contact Alistair Cameron on 01242 584081 or 07901 564616 or at