Alistair Cameron presses for Ashchurch Army depot to stay open

June 8, 2011 8:47 PM
By Alistair Cameron

Alistair Cameron, Liberal Democrat Parliamentary Spokesman for Tewkesbury has
written to the Secretary of State for Defence, Dr Liam Fox urging him not to
close the Defence Storage and Distribution Agency (DSDA) at Ashchurch.

According to reports in the media, the Government is likely to make a decision
soon about the future of the DSDA which employs over 700 people.

In his letter to Dr Fox, Alistair said:

"The workforce at Ashchurch has consistently demonstrated that it is highly
skilled and proficient. It has played a major role in ensuring that our
vehicles are maintained properly for use in conflicts such as Afghanistan and
Iraq. It is vital, particularly when our armed forces are under such pressure,
that we keep this workforce together so that they can continue to maintain army
vehicles up to the highest standard.

I am also concerned about the severe impact of losing such a large employer of
highly skilled staff on the local economy. Tewkesbury and the surrounding area
has already been badly hit by the recent economic downturn. The loss of so many
highly skilled jobs will have a devastating impact on the local economy."

Alistair also said:

"I hope that the valued contribution of the workforce at Ashchurch will now
be recognised and a decision made to keep the DSDA open."