Letter from Alistair Cameron to the electors of Tewkesbury Constituency

May 3, 2010 5:43 PM

Dear resident,

I want to remind you about some of the most important issues in the election which affect us here in Gloucestershire.

You may be aware that the NHS is considering cutting up to 200 beds at Cheltenham General and Gloucester Royal Hospitals. I am strongly against these cuts, particularly as we have already lost hospital beds in the County (such as through the closure of Winchcombe Hospital). Instead the NHS should be reducing the excessive number of targets imposed on the service which are costly to administer and can distort health priorities.

Few of us can forget the 2007 floods and its impact on our area. There are two issues I am particularly concerned about; one is over household insurance for flood affected areas and the other is over building in high flood risk areas which may increase the risk of future flooding. If elected I will campaign for a new Floods Bill which will require the government to intervene to ensure that people in flood risk areas can get reasonable insurance and which will give councils the power to stop building in high flood risk areas.

We can see the affects of the recession all around. I want to work with local people, communities and businesses to provide more job opportunities for our area. Our policy of charging no income tax for earnings and pensions up to £10,000 will provide a real incentive for people to get back into work and assist those with low incomes.

Our party leader, Nick Clegg, and Shadow Chancellor, Vince Cable, have demonstrated to the British people what we are able to offer for the country.

Having visited all parts of the constituency over the last three years, and worked with many residents, I find people hungry for a real change in who represents them at Westminster. I hope you will trust me to be the strong, effective voice that the people of Tewkesbury Constituency deserve in Parliament.

With best wishes

Alistair Cameron

Liberal Democrat Parliamentary Candidate for Tewkesbury Constituency