Alistair Cameron support's Macmillan's "Vote Cancer Support" Campaign

March 6, 2010 6:10 PM

daffodilAlistair Cameron, Liberal Democrat PPC for Tewkesbury Constituency says he is

very happy to support Macmillan's "Vote Cancer Support" Campaign.

'I support the 3 important changes described in the campaign and have the

following comments on each of the changes:-

1. The Liberal Democrats are committed to providing high quality care to

cancer patients throughout their treatment. We would also ensure that support

is provided for those who have undergone cancer treatment. We believe that this

would aid the recovery process and offer greater independence to patients.

Furthermore, support should be provided to help those who have been treated to

get back to work. Currently there is no strong framework for helping cancer

patients to get back into work. This must be rectified.

2. Healthcare inequalities within cancer treatment are a real problem. Those

who suffer from rarer cancers have a more restricted access to drugs due to the

stringent financial tests that NICE must adhere to before it gives approval to

treatments. We believe that, whilst the principle behind NICE is positive, its

appraisal processes must be made more transparent. With regard to the rarest

types of cancer, the NICE approval processes must be made flexible in order to

ensure that patients do not miss out on vital, life-saving or extending


3. We at the Liberal Democrats support the work of Macmillan in providing

community nursing for those who suffer from cancer. We believe that community

nursing gives patients greater independence and a higher quality of life.

Furthermore, community nursing lowers the number of cancer patients who need to

be admitted to hospital and provides much-needed help to family or friends who

care for cancer sufferers.'

Alistair Cameron, Working and Campaigning for you.

Published and promoted by Audrey Ricks on behalf of Alistair Cameron and Tewkesbury Liberal Democrats