Alistair Cameron criticises Floods Bill as "Damp Squib"

November 21, 2009 3:18 PM

Tewkesbury Floods July 2007Alistair Cameron, Liberal Democrat Parliamentary Spokesman for Tewkesbury has criticised the Floods Bill which is currently making its way through Parliament as a "damp squib" which is far too limited in scope to prevent another major disaster.

It is now over two years since the floods of 2007 which saw major parts of Gloucestershire under water, the loss of water supplies in many areas of the County and the near loss of our electricity supply which would have led to wholesale evacuation from our area.

Having waited all this time for decisive action from the government, the current Bill contains too few measures to tackle the underlying risks which could lead to future floods.

Alistair said:

"The Bill will help to clarify the responsibilities of the different authorities who have to deal with flood risk which I welcome.

However, there are glaring omissions in the Bill. It does not give the Councils powers to prevent major developments on flood plains. There are also no long-term plans to build up spending on flood alleviation to the levels needed over the next 15 years in the face of increasing risks from climate change. We need to see both of these key issues tackled if we are to avoid another flooding crisis.

Those residents who were personally affected by the floods will be bitterly disappointed that we have seen so little action from the government."