Alistair Cameron supports campaign for low level access local buses

April 2, 2009 6:37 PM

Alistair Cameron Liberal Democrat Parliamentary spokesperson urges Stagecoach to consider the strong feelings expressed in the Citizen and introduce low level buses onto its 97/98 service which goes through Longlevens, Churchdown and Innsworth.

Current disability legislation places a requirement on services to be accessible for people with disabilities. It is therefore totally unacceptable for Stagecoach to provide buses which cannot be used by everyone.

If low levels buses were provided, children at Milestone School would be able to travel on them and gain richer experiences and better opportunities. It would also ensure elderly residents and parents who have to use pushchairs and buggies can travel by bus.

Hopefully, the extra passengers provided by the opening of RAF Imjin along the bus route will be seen by Stagecoach as an opportunity to modernise its buses and they will now introduce low level buses onto this route.