How Tewkesbury can beat the recession

March 12, 2009 5:37 PM

Tewkesbury Town Liberal Democrats held a pizza and politics evening on Friday, 20th March at the Wheatpieces Community Centre, Walton Cardiff, Tewkesbury. The evening will included a discussion on how Tewkesbury can beat the recession. Martin Horwood, MP for Cheltenham and Lib Dem Environment Spokesman addressed the meeting along with Alistair Cameron, Parliamentary Spokesman for Tewkesbury and Richard Hart, Borough Councillor for Northway.

Alistair Cameron said:

"With the recession following on from the flooding in Tewkesbury there is a real need to promote the future economy of the town and find more job opportunities. I particularly welcome the formation of Tewkesbury Future which is designed to draw together different people and organisations across the town so that everyone can work together on an ambitious programme to regenerate Tewkesbury. I want us to discuss how we believe Tewkesbury should respond to the recession so that we can contribute our views to this important debate about the town's future."

Martin Horwood said that planning controls needed to be toughened to stop builders building on flood plains and that current legislation is not strong enough.