Alistair Cameron emphasises the Liberal Democrats green credentials

February 26, 2009 5:39 PM

Responding to recent local interest in political parties' Green policies, Tewkesbury Parliamentary Spokesman Alistair Cameron has given a clear statement on the Liberal Democrats' position.

'Liberal Democrat policy is to make Britain carbon-neutral through a variety of policies including:-

• Ensuring that by 2050 all electricity is generated through clean, non-carbon emitting sources.

• Ensuring that by 2040 all new cars are zero carbon (eg more electric cars).

• Requiring all new homes to be built to the Green House standard by 2011. These houses would require no fossil fuels for space heating.

• Investment in high speed rail and other rail improvements.

In the immediate term, we did not support the government's decision on a temporary cut in VAT. We would have spent the money instead on areas such as home insulation and public transport which would have created jobs, helped people to save money and secured lasting environmental benefits.'