Tewkesbury constituency

Welcome to Tewkesbury Constituency Lib Dems

Tewkesbury constituency covers most of Tewkesbury Borough (except the area west of the Severn) and parts of Cheltenham Borough and Gloucester City.

Our PPC is Alex Hegenbarth.See www.alexhegenbarth.com for more information.

Essentially the main centres are Tewkesbury town, Ashchurch and Northway, Bishops Cleeve, Winchcombe, Churchdown, Brockworth, Prestbury and Swindon Village and Longlevens.

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    • Vince Cable in Brighton 2018
      Article: Dec 12, 2018

      Liberal Democrat leader Sir Vince Cable said: "Having seen the Conservative backbenches will not support her deal, the prime minister must change course.

      "Her deal is doomed to defeat in the Commons, so she should show real leadership by putting this question back to the public in a People's Vote," he said.

      "The EU is clear that there is no more negotiating to do, so it's this deal or no Brexit.

      "That is the choice on which every voter should now have a final say - and Liberal Democrats will campaign vigorously for the UK to remain a full member of the EU."

    • Kay-Berry
      Article: Dec 4, 2018

      Lib Dem Councillor Kay Berry has been finding out the answers for Tewkesbury Borough.

      There has been a lot of publicity in the press recently about recycling in Gloucester city being sent to landfill so we decided to check on what is happening to the recycling from Tewkesbury Borough Council. Councillor Kay Berry said "I am pleased to report that none of it is going to landfill and I received the following information from council officers."
      ● All blue bin recycling is collected together in one large vehicle and taken to a sorting facility at Avonmouth where it is sorted into different types of materials.

    • Vince Cable in Brighton 2018
      Article: Nov 27, 2018

      The whole process of Brexit has been fraught with difficulties and problems, as we feared. The future consequences of the Brexit deal are a continuing cause of serious concern.

      That's why we think the British people need the final say on any Brexit deal - and if it's not right for you & your family, you should have the chance to reject it and stay in Europe. Please sign the petition to support our campaign for that vote. You can do that here: libdems.org.uk/exit-brexit
      Together, we will take the fight to this Conservative Brexit Government and we stand a real chance of exiting from Brexit.

    • Jeremy Hilton at Recycling centre
      Article: Nov 2, 2018

      Gloucestershire County Council's Conservatives have decided to close the recycling centres one day a week and are reducing the opening hours on the remaining days.

      From 28 October county-run recycling centres are to be closed one day a week on the following days:

      • Tuesdays: Fosse Cross (Cirencester) and Oak Quarry (Coleford)
      • Wednesdays: Pyke Quarry (Horsley near Stroud) and Wingmoor Farm (Bishops Cleeve)
      • Thursdays: Hempsted (Gloucester)
    • 3D Rainbow Libby with crudely-drawn Christmas hat
      Article: Nov 1, 2018

      Tewkesbury Liberal Democrats are active in working for a People's vote on Brexit, and on many local issues in different parts of the Constituency, including protecting the Green Belt, planning and environmental matters, improving recycling and protecting and improving infrastructure.If you value what we do for the local community please support the Liberal Democrat Christmas Draw. There are great prizes on offer including a £2,000 holiday voucher! All that we do locally depends on voluntary funds so please support us if you can by visiting libdemdraw.org.uk/tewkesbury-constituency.

    • Dundee Liberal Democrats put the environment and recycling to the top of the agenda
      Article: Oct 24, 2018

      Did you know that Gloucestershire County Council's Tory administration has confirmed that it intends to push ahead with recycling centre midweek closures and reduced opening hours? From October 28th Wingmoor Farm will be closed on Wednesdays and shorter opening hours on the days it is open. We just hope this will not encourage illegal fly-tipping.

    • Green belt under attack
      Article: Oct 20, 2018

      Tory dominated Tewkesbury Borough Council area has lost a staggering 1,100 acres of Green belt land for building development in the last year, despite opposition from the Liberal Democrats.This massive raid on the Green Belt has ranked it the 8th worst offender in the UK despite being a relatively small authority

    • Lloyds Bank Bishop's Cleeve
      Article: Oct 15, 2018

      Lib Dem Parliamentary spokesperson Alex Hegenbarth confirms that from Tuesday 25th September, Lloyds Bank will be setting up a mobile banking unit on The Green (opposite the site of the current bank branch) to operate on Tuesdays and Thursdays between 10.00-12.15 and 13.00-14.45. Alex has been encouraged that so many signatures collected for his "Save Our Bank" petition,

    • anti-Brexit
      Article: Oct 13, 2018

      With only a few weeks of negotiating time left the Conservatives are continuing to argue with themselves over Brexit and have failed to agree on a workable orderly exit.

      Regardless of how you voted in the EU Referendum, it is clear to see that the Government is out of its depth and so consumed by Brexit that it is failing to provide the 'strong and stable' leadership they promised during the General Election.

    • Christmas Tree
      Article: Oct 11, 2018

      This year the Lib Dem Christmas Draw will be on-line for the first time! And you could win a £2000 Holiday Voucher!

      By taking part in the Liberal Democrat Christmas Draw you can help raise much needed funds for the Tewkesbury Co nstituency Liberal Democrats.

      We rely entirely on voluntary contributions at local level so your support of this Christmas Draw would be a good boost to our finances.

    Published by Audrey Ricks on behalf of Alex Hegenbarth and the Liberal Democrats at 17 Westover Court, Churchdown, Gloucester. GL3 2AA

    Tewkesbury Abbey (W. Lloyd MacKenzie, via Flickr @ http://www.flickr.com/photos/saffron_blaze/)