Tewkesbury constituency

Welcome to Tewkesbury Constituency Lib Dems

Tewkesbury constituency covers most of Tewkesbury Borough (except the area west of the Severn) and parts of Cheltenham Borough and Gloucester City.

Our PPC is Alex Hegenbarth.See www.alexhegenbarth.com for more information.

Essentially the main centres are Tewkesbury town, Ashchurch and Northway, Bishops Cleeve, Winchcombe, Churchdown, Brockworth, Prestbury and Swindon Village and Longlevens.

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    • Article: Aug 12, 2019

      Nationally, the support Lib Dem Climate Change Secretary Ed Davey gave to renewable energy projects while in government saw the UK go without the use of dirty coal power for the longest period in our history - a huge step forward that happened because the Liberal Democrats were in power.

      Alex Hegenbarth, Parliamentary prospective candidate, adds

    • Martin Horwood MEP
      Article: Jul 18, 2019

      It is clear that with just under 25% of the vote Liberal Democrat voters in the European Election in Tewkesbury Constituency helped elect Caroline Voaden MEP and Martin Horwood MEP (both pictured) asMEPs for the SW region. It is also interesting to note that Remain parties total vote exceeded thatof the Brexit party.

    • 2019 TBC results
      Article: Jul 18, 2019

      Tewkesbury Liberal Democrats increased their vote from 19% to 28% across the Borough and saw new Councillors elected in Churchdown, Bishop's Cleeve and Innsworth, while the Conservative's vote share collapsed by 14% from four years ago.

      Alex Hegenbarth, Parliamentary Candidate for the Tewkesbury constituency, said "The huge swing away from the Conservatives and towards the Liberal Democrats shows the amount of dissatisfaction with Tories at both local and national level. Local residents are desperate for new and dynamic leadership - only the Liberal Democrats can provide that."

    • Glos CC Lib Dem group
      Article: Jul 17, 2019
      1. Giving young people a voice - Last month we were again successful in proposing a motion calling for the creation of a Youth County Council. It's clearer than ever that our young people are engaged and deserve a voice on matters that affect them - with thousands of them joining us in opposing Brexit and so many going on strike to demand action on climate change.
    • Vera Hobhouse
      Article: May 28, 2019

      Liberal Democrats Annual Dinner With Wera Hobhouse LD MP for Bath

      Date: Friday the 14th June 2019

      Time : 7pm for 7.30 Venue: Tewkesbury Town area

      Speaker : Wera Hobhouse Lib Dem MP for Bath.

      This is the main social and fundraising event for our local party so please come along, enjoy, help raise funds and meet like-minded people.

    • remain parties TBC 2019
      Article: May 17, 2019

      For remain supporters in the European Elections in Tewkesbury the choice is clear following the Borough election results. Analysis shows that the Liberal Democrats have emerged as the Remain party with the best chance of electing an MEP in this area. The figures speak for themselves:

      Lib Dem: 28% Green: 8% Labour : 5%.

    • Andy McG Poster Boy
      Article: May 14, 2019

      If you would like a poster to display please get in touch: they are not all a big as this, smaller ones for windows or cars are available!

    • lulie
      Article: May 10, 2019

      Julie Girling, who was a South West Member of the European Parliament (MEP) for the last 10 years, and lives in Gloucestershire, is calling on Remain voters to back the Liberal Democrats on Polling Day on Thursday May 23.

      Ms Girling was elected twice to the European Parliament for the Conservatives, before leaving them over Brexit. Ms Girling is widely respected across political parties and recently announced she was not going to join the Change UK team for the European Elections.

      She said " The Liberal Democrats scored a huge success in last week's local elections, gaining more than 160 seats across the South West.

      " Across the South West the Liberal Democrats just elected more than six times the number of councillors in the local elections and gained more than five times the number of seats. The Lib Dems are very clearly the lead Remain party in the South West.

      "Brexit would be a disaster for the South West, but it's not too late to stop it. I have no party political axe to grind here, I'm simply responding to the large number of constituents who have asked me for advice when considering their vote this time.. In my view, the best way to get a People's Vote to stop Brexit is to vote Lib Dem. That will send a very clear message to Mrs May and Mr Corbyn. That is what I will be doing. I urge other Remain voters to vote Lib Dem to stop Brexit."

      Responding to the news, Caroline Voaden, lead candidate for the Lib Dems in the South West said,

      "Julie Girling's endorsement for the Lib Dems is very welcome and marks a significant moment in our election campaign. Julie is quite right; the Lib Dem message is simple and clear: Vote Lib Dem to Stop Brexit.

      "We must make sure that Theresa May and Jeremy Corbyn hear that message loud and clear when the votes are counted.."

    • Caroline Voaden
      Article: May 7, 2019

      Tewkesbury and the SW Liberal Democrats want to stop Brexit.

      We want Britain to remain in the EU because it's best for our economy, environment and public services.

      In the SW Constituency we are electing 6 MEPs and there is a real chance that we can elect a Lib Dem here with your support.

      Our lead candidate in the SW Euro Constituency (which includes Tewkesbury) is Caroline Voaden

    • Climate change
      Article: May 7, 2019

      Gloucestershire's Liberal Democrats are bringing forward a motion to the next Full Councilon 15th May calling for the adoption of an ambitious carbon emissions reduction plan.

      Proposed by Cllr Iain Dobie, the motion calls for a recognition of man-made climate change, the recommendations of the IPCC's special report and the consequences of failing to heed the science.

    Published and promoted by A. Hegenbarth on behalf of the Liberal Democrats all at 2 The Holt, Bishop's Cleeve, GL52 8NQ

    Tewkesbury Abbey (W. Lloyd MacKenzie, via Flickr @ http://www.flickr.com/photos/saffron_blaze/)